5 Tips for Handling the Stress of Running a Business

Running a business comes with additional stress compared to showing up as an employee. When you’re hired to do a job, you know what you’re supposed to do every day. The expectations are lined out for you, and once you finish your work (or the day), you get to go home.

When you’re the owner or manager of a business, things work a little differently. Just because you finish your task for the day, it doesn’t mean your day actually ends. Many business owners continue to work once they go home, or they’ll even do work on the weekends. All of this comes with added stress.

Don’t let the stress of running a business run you down. It’s essential that you learn to manage it so you can stay healthy and on your A-game. Global Resources LLC has five tips to help you manage the stress of running a business.

Organize and Prioritize Your Day

Although this likely isn’t anything new to you, organization and prioritization cannot be stressed enough. It is one of the vital points to remember as you manage a business. Without these two skills, things will quickly fall apart and cause even more stress in your life.

Each day, rank your tasks according to priority. Which absolutely has to get done that day and what could wait until later on. Have a master list of your weekly tasks, so when something pops up, you can write it down.

Learn to Clean Your Brain

Cleaning your brain isn’t the same as cleaning the rest of your body. Do you ever go to bed and lie awake because your mind won’t shut off? For business owners, it’s hard to distinguish when work ends and when it’s time to relax.

If you find yourself unable to relax, especially before bed, have a journal where you write everything down. Whether it’s a random thought that keeps popping up, or it’s an important task you just remembers, dump your brain into the journal so you won’t forget. It will help you relax.

Find Time for Breaks

It may seem counterproductive, but it’s important to squeeze in breaks throughout the day. Although it may seem like you need to work every minute of the day, incorporating breaks is essential for your mental health.

Overworking yourself will only lead to exhaustion, both physically and mentally. When your mind is tired, it’s hard to work at your highest potential. Breaks give you a chance to recharge and continue with your day.


As much as you need to take care of your business to ensure its success, you need to take care of yourself to ensure you’re capable of running your business. Your health is just as important as your company, and exercise is one of the best ways to keep your body and mind healthy.

Make Time for a Hobby

When you spend time working on a hobby, how do you feel after? Typically, a hobby is relaxing, rewarding, and enjoyable. It’s something that you look forward to doing in your spare time. Even on a busy day, make time for your hobby. It doesn’t have to belong, but the smallest amount of time on a hobby rather than working is beneficial.

Use the five tips above to help manage the additional stress of running a business. When you keep yourself healthy and alert, you’ll keep your business running smoothly and successfully.