5 Reasons That Hold People Back from Starting a Business

Do you have a business idea you’ve been contemplating for a while? Have you asked yourself why you’ve never taken the plunge and made your idea a business?

Starting a business can be a terrifying yet exciting adventure to take. Unfortunately, there are many potentially prospering entrepreneurs out there that never take their business idea past being an idea. Why is that?

Reviews for Global Resources take a look at five reasons that hold people back from starting a business.


Doubt is likely one of the top reasons someone doesn’t start a business, and doubt comes in many forms. Often, self-doubt is where someone doesn’t think they are good enough, smart enough, or dedicated enough to bring their idea into the business world. Then, you doubt the idea itself, assuming the idea isn’t great and questioning how it could be a successful business.

When it comes to doubt, try asking yourself what would happen if you never did try? How do you know you won’t be successful unless you try?


With doubt often comes fear. Although these two are pretty similar in this instance, it’s still important to address them independently.

Fear can hold us back from many things, not just starting a business. We often look at failing or having setbacks as a bad thing. However, in the business world, it’s a chance to learn and grow, which will help you become more successful in the future.


Stress can deter basically deter anyone from doing anything, especially when it comes to something like starting a business. There are many aspects to running a business, like finances, marketing, having a plan, and generating sales to keep yourself afloat, that adds to the stress.

How do you overcome this if stress is holding you back? For starters, staying organized will help immensely. When you’ve got all your ducks in a row, you’ll feel far more confident with moving forward than if you tried winging it.


Starting a business can get overwhelming, even for the most prepared business-savvy entrepreneur. That’s because once you take your idea to the next level and start diving into all the steps needed to open your business, it’s often more work than you realized.

Try not to let yourself get too overwhelmed when first starting. Take it to step by step, and make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get the ball rolling.

Lack of Support

Having a support system when opening a business is essential. You soon realize the additional stress and responsibilities of being an entrepreneur can quickly consume you. If you don’t have a support system to lean on, you may feel the weight of the entire world resting on your shoulders.

A support system comes in various ways. It could be your partner, a friend, a mentor, or even a government program. Whatever you choose as your support, don’t be afraid to use it.

Have you had any of the above thoughts creep into the mind that’s held you back from starting your business? If so, it’s perfectly natural. The hard part, though, is overcoming them so you can tackle your dreams of owning a business.